Wednesday, September 01, 2004

The writ has been issued...

At 5.00pm yesterday, the House of Representatives was dissolved, marking the end of the 40th Parliament. One of the truly great benefits of this is the possibility that we will never have to see the moronic grin of Gary Nairn in footage of Question Time debates ever again. Not just because he is really quite irritating, but also because he is the sitting member for the seat Eden-Monaro. And, as we are all no doubt aware, this seat has fallen for the Government in every election since 1972.

There has been some comment on whether or not Nairn was allocated the seat directly behind the front bench in line with the dispatch box, as a means of boosting his image and profile.

Hence, in the event the ALP were to win Government, and, presumably Eden-Monaro, it would be interesting to see if the relevant Member (the mildly photogenic Kelvin Watt) would inherit that patch of green leather.

Whatever the seating arrangements, should the Government fail to be re-elected, then in addition to the Flashdance style dancing in the street I will be partaking in, I shall carry with me a warm inner glow, knowing I will no more have to look upon Gary’s pallid features.


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