Friday, September 03, 2004

Happy snaps

In putting together my previous post on the Wentworth haps, I was particularly taken by the photo Malcolm Turnbull (or his web designer/campaign manager) has chosen to include in the page banner. Check it out here. It kinda says “Look! Your local candidate is really good at sitting around and doing nothing, like the wealthy eastern-suburbanite he is.”

I’d also noticed the ‘salt of the earth’ photo-montage used by Gary Nairn when putting together my earlier post on Reps seating positions.

Hence, just for shits and giggles, I’ve put together my list of choice promotional piccies from candidates’ websites. Heck, this is what the web is for, isn’t it?

Over at the web site for the ‘Being Evil Makes You Happy’ club, Tony Abbot has obviously had a special brace fitted to stretch his face into something resembling a smile. That or someone in his electorate office is nifty with photo shop.

I just love the web address for Larry Anthony’s site: Yep – just ‘larry’. Hands up all those old enough to remember the series of PC games released throughout the ‘80s called “Leisure Suit Larry”? I wish someone would give him that nick-name. It would be gleefully ironic. Any rate, ‘just Larry’ has a nice, friendly and relaxed pose in his photo. But not too relaxed! He’s still wearing a tie! That really speaks of your credentials mate.

I got to page 4 of Google search results and found no web page set up by Kim Beazley. Come on Kimbo! You can do better than that!

Of personal interest is Alan Cadman’s effort. I lived in his electorate (the third or second safest seat – Liberal – in the country) for nigh on 22 years. I tell you, he’s used the same photo on his website that he has used on campaign material for, well, nigh on 22 years. Either that, or he doesn’t really exist. I suspect the latter.

As treasurer, Peter Costello gets a very special address for his website: Nice…. But what a freakin’ scary photo!

Speaking of scary photos – shield your eyes!!!

Joe Hockey appears to be rising from Sydney Harbour to devour us all in his banner photo, while Julia Gillard does her best not to look like Casey Novak from Law & Order: SVU.

Member for Shortland Jill Hall has a very perky site, in which her photo springs forth in a display which oozes energy and enthusiasm! Nice one Jill.

I guess I should finish up now, but just one more, eh?

Kate Lundy’s wacky web wonderland has always been a favourite, even if its just for the fact that the clever photo of Kate sitting in front of the ceremonial pond which fronts Parliament House can make you think, just for a wonderful brief second, that Kate’s about to fall in and drown….


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