Friday, September 03, 2004

Tricky and Mean Episode #2

Get a load of this. The Government using the current Russian hostage crisis to try and score points and rustle up some fear and loathing. This is really disgusting. My revulsion reached such levels I had a physical reaction (nausea) upon hearing this news.

People have already died, and a further couple of hundred people are no doubt sick with terror and fear, utterly traumatised and no one is sure of how long they’ll be held and whether they’ll be released. And then, add to that the hundreds of families going through hell right now for their children and relatives trapped in that school.

Its utterly impossible to draw credible links to the policies of any Australian political party and this hostage crisis (and Chechen/Russian relations as a whole). But hey, let’s not get the truth, and the lives of hundreds of people get in the way of trying to scare the pants of our citizens and get them to vote us back in. Whatever it takes, eh?

Australians should be afraid of their Government – they’ll stop at nothing to lie to us, manipulate us, and turn us into a population so completely spooked we’ll swallow anything just as long as it lets us get back to focusing on our credit card bills and mortgage repayments.


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