Thursday, September 09, 2004

Spun-out by the spin? Me too

I’ve been thinking a little bit lately about a few things, which seem related, but which also contribute to an overall sense of doom that is festering within.

Firstly, I make reference to my earlier post in which I wondered about the ability of the Coalition to spend the surplus till it’s nose bleeds, but still retain an image of ‘good economic managers’. All the while, the same actions render the ALP ‘splurgers’, and definitely not to be trusted.

On a similar note, how is it that Republicans can portray John Kerry as some kind of military fraud, without a mass cry of disbelief and scorn from most of the country (the one-eyed ultra-right are automatically excluded from my calculations)?

Particularly in light of the increasingly solid evidence showing that Bush couldn’t even show up for what appears to be a the back-up, substitute, reserve ‘Army Reserve’...

While a great many people on Kerry’s side of politics react in such a way, where is the widespread dismissal of such messages which should follow in the face of such a ridiculous proposition? It seems as if the mass audience in America is not having such an instant reaction of disbelief – it seems they might be letting Bush and Cheney’s arguments into their consciousness.

That familiar old line starts creeping into my mind: those dopey Americans! They deserve everything they get! And similarly, any one who, no doubt as a result of a steady diet of Ackerman, Devine et al, thinks that the Coalition is good for this country, they deserve what they get too!

How condescending of me, you must be thinking. But I’m sure we’ve all had similar thoughts.

But of course, its not just Bush-believers and Howard-hangers-on who will be getting their just desserts. I get it too!

We all get what they deserve, irregardless of our collective outrage, despair and disgust for the actions of Bush and Howard.

And, because of the long-lasting power of the decisions of any Government in areas such as High Court (or, in the US, Supreme Court) appointments, health and education policy, foreign policy and reactionary social agendas, we'll all be experiencing the effects for many many years to come. So will our kiddies, should we have any (note my shameless emotional cue there).

Must go make some ritualistic sacrifices, say many prayers, light some candles, etc, etc, to cover off all possible religious contingencies in recruiting some divine assistance in my quest of ‘anyone but the Coalition’.....


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