Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Home stretch

I tried everything to avoid the news yesterday. No, I’m not ‘burnt out’ from the increasingly blanket election coverage, or exhausted from trawling the papers trying to ‘spot Crean’ (see if you can). I was trying to avoid hearing the results of the Japanese Moto GP so that I could rush home and watch my video recording of the overnight race coverage.

Proving myself to be a techno-mortal, I failed to properly set my video recorder. So when starting up my video tape, where I expected to see Rossi’s cheeky grin, I instead saw Howard’s furrowed brow and hearing aid. The video hadn’t recorded anything so the previous recording was still on the tape – it included a news story on the Leaders’ Debate. Yes, the debate, remember that?

At the time of the debate there were some comments about how it would be soon forgotten, as it was so early on in the campaign. Just a week later and I think that those predictions have been proven prescient.

In such a close campaign, it really makes me nervous for the last week of campaigning, in which any kind of fortuitous turn of events for the coalition of evil could easily tip the scales their way. 6 weeks of campaigning can easily come down to the last few days. I think I’ll be hiding under the doona for most of that time, trying to calm my nerves….


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