Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Remember the Democrats?

Remember that party that saw themselves as a viable alternative to the Big Two? Remember they had a couple of leadership coups, a couple of high-profile defections and some bloke with a drinking problem? Well, apparently they are still around. They're calling for more attention to be given to things like "the seachange." That's right, that phenomenon that sees rich, city people moving to the coast, buying up everything because it's so much cheaper than the Eastern Suburbs and thus making small towns inaffordable for locals. (Just ask the people of Sawtell whose rates now far outstrip those of Coogee). The Democrats feel that the Federal Government should pay attention to this problem. While I recognise it is a problem, and one very close to home, this is a Federal Election and this statement today by Andrew Bartlett seems so out of left-field I am starting to wonder if he's back on the drink. Of course the Libs aren't going to give two figs about this "problem", a lot of the people causing the problems are their voters.

Meanwhile, Aden Ridgeway says that the Labor/Greens preference deal could hand Pauline Hanson the balance of power. He says:
I think the Labor Party ought to stand up for principle in this country and really make sure the like-minded parties, where we've supported them, then they should've given us at least 50 per cent of the preferences...
Like-minded parties eh Aden? Like Family First?


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