Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Some redirection

Not much movement on the election front, so here is a collection of links to some interesting reading (and watching) material, to tide us over.

There is an interesting analysis of the polling data released by the Herald this morning on Ambit Gambit.

And some more analysis at Crikey.

The New York Times has a really engaging narrated slide show from its Washington Bureau photographer (called 'campaign moments'). The comments are as interesting as the photos. For me, it showed up some of the more obvious distinctions in the style of Australian and US election campaigns (not least that everyone knows when the US Presidential election will be held).

Staying with the US elections, www.jibjab.com has a fantastic animation featuring Kerry and Bush singing an adaptation of ‘This Land’. It does take a while to load, but set it going, go make some coffee (or tea, Georg) and let it load. You won’t be sorry.

If you feel the need to be regularly and relentlessly informed, sign up for some fully uathorised Spam from this mob:

Prime Minister
Australian Labor Party
Australian Greens
Australian Democrats

If, like me, you are constantly amused by the Coalition’s paranoia regarding the Unions, check out this cheery document, from the Liberal Party’s ‘Labor Watch’ website.

My favourite quote would be:

“The Labor Party’s platform spells out how the current flexible arrangements of the Workplace Relations Act 1996 would be overturned and replaced with a sclerotic industrial system.”

‘Sclerotic’? And they made fun of Kim Beazley for using obscure words.


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