Friday, July 02, 2004

John Howard's hot date

Just to note that in an interview with Neil Mitchell this morning, the PM noted that he was flying back to Canberra on Sunday evening, for some meeting or another.

Interestingly, Mitchell noted that this Sunday would be the last possible day on which Howard could nip down to Yarralumla to call an election for August 7 - the date many people have been throwing around as a cert. See this crikey article, which mentions "the Church of the August7th Day Adventists".

I've heard some rumours and speculation (I couldn't possibly know anything or disclose anything) that public service rumours and speculation are flying thick and fast in the icey Canberra air about Ministers seeking lists of things which must be finalised in the next few months, decisions which much be made before Parliament dissolves and senior public servants traipsing off to refresher courses on caretaker government requirements, etc, etc.

Not that any of this can be confirmed as anything other than speculation...


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