Tuesday, July 13, 2004

My head is spinning

Just who is going to elect the Australian government when the election is finally announced? I was under the, obviously mistaken, impression, that the 'Australian public' was to decide its leaders. Beazley has been added to the Labor front bench in what is obviously an effort to soften up the Americans. The US ambassador has given his approval, stating that he is looking forward to dealing with Kimmy again. Smiles all round in the Labor camp then.

On other matters, is there something about 30 troops that I am missing? Latham announces that a Labor government would send an extra 30 non-combatant troops to Iraq if elected and today the Government announced it would send an extra 30 troops to Iraq.

And lastly, to be filed in the "do you think our memories are as short as yours?" file: federal cabinet has agreed to overhaul the asylum seeker rules. As Bob Brown rightly pointed out, this is nothing more than going to where the votes are, or are perceived to be.


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