Monday, September 06, 2004

Old Temporary

I woke up this morning to hear that George 'Dubya' is steaming ahead in the US opinion polls. Admittedly he's coming off a Convention rush, but as it's hard enough to get out of bed at the best of times I'd like to blame this information for my late and groggy arrival at work.

Anyhow, to compensate I thought I'd share a little fact I learnt recently from the July 2004 edition of Vanity Fair.

Apparently George Bush and John Kerry belonged to the same underground college club at Yale called Skull and Bones (although they weren't members at the same time). One of the features of the club is that after initiation each member receives a nickname (or a Bones name as they're officially known). The three ways to get a name are to be handed on a name from a patriarch, take on a 'traditional' name, or choose your own.

Surprisingly, Dubya went with the latter option, but was unable to come up with anything and so was called 'temporary.'

I'm just hoping that was a portent.


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